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Kayak as a couple

The Tobago is the perfect kayak for all the family and all uses. Its ergonomic seating positions and well researched design provide for several possibilities of use: 2-adult paddling, with 1 or 2 children…
The central seat, in the shape of a motorbike seat, is very practical for kids. There is also space for a bag or container when out on an excursion. The fluid hull lines mean it’s also well suited to sport kayaking, with the additional crew of your choice, all with maximum comfort and safety. The Tobago comes with a wheel at the rear, for easy transport in car parks, bow protection and elastic straps to secure your equipment. EVA foam pads cover the seats. The Tobago is a fast, stable and comfortable sea kayak.


Key Features

– Versatile “family” kayak for 2 adults ( a child passenger on the central “motorbike” seat)
– Central “motorbike” seat for carrying a child or storing equipment (water supply, bags…)
– Super-safe and stable THD hull design (similar to a tri-maran) with fine profiled tips for excellent water penetration and glide
– Rear storage area with integral elasticated straps for carrying more equipment
– 2 x triple-level moulded foot rests to suit all sizes of paddler
– Removable rear bumper/protector with integral roller for easy transportation, even solo
– Anti-slip bow and stern carry handles
– Ergonomic anti-slip seats
– Integral survival lines make getting back on board simple
– Tough TST thermoformed construction to ensure maximum usage in maximum safety
– 100% Made in France
– 100% recyclable at the end of its life to respect the environment

SPORT Sit-On-Top : Easy Glider

The kayaks in the SPORT range are already best sellers. The Bilbao and Tobago kayaks have helped create the BIC reputation in the kayak market with their combination of innovation in design, quality fittings, and a near-perfect stability/performance ratio. Compact and superbly finished, they are excellent kayaks giving great glide and superb handling for your most ambitious excursions and outings.


The THD (Triple Hull Design) shape was conceived to provide excellent glide and to give great manoeuvrability, while retaining maximum stability. The special shape of our hulls was inspired by trimaran construction, and features a large central section with narrow water channels to optimise glide, and two outer hull sections that give the boat stability without slowing its forward speed. The two resultant concave sections help improve the overall performance.


BIC Sport kayaks are particularly well equipped with practical and quality accessories: abrasion protectors, mesh, mooring straps, carry handles, and watertight hatches on the “Fishing” kayaks. These details make for comfortable kayaking and contribute to your kayak’s durability.

– Foam pads on the seats = better paddling comfort
– Rubber-coated or Integrated front and rear carry handles = protection from dings and scratches and easy launching.
– Abrasion protectors front and rear = for greater protection easy launching.
– Safety lines = for easy re-entry into kayak.
– Elasticised straps = for secure carrying of equipment and easy accessibility.

Kayak Side by BIC Sport


Ergonomic Seating

The seat ergonomics of the entire BIC Sport kayak range have been specially developed to ensure optimum paddle comfort.
Flat back rest inclined towards the rear at the bottom to prevent the pelvis from being pushed forwards. This also relaxes the legs, relieving pressure against the foot rests.
Centre of gravity set low down for improved stability, but above the flotation line so that the bottom of the seats stays dry.

Technical data

Design Length Width Weight Capacity Max load
FRITSCH Associes & BIC Sport 12’11” 33.1″ 70 lbs 2 adults 1 child 550 lbs

Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 1211 x 33 x 16 cm


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