NEILPRYDE 派利奧 風帆競賽 - RS FLIGHT 2018

HKD 12400

產品類別: 風帆 - 賽事型»

產品品牌: NEILPRYDE 派利奧

產品編號: B9SA28FLG

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Foiling / Racing

High performance sail based on RS:RACING design and

specifically developed to perform both on Windfoil and

Slalom boards. The RS:FLIGHT is an evolution of the

RS:RACING LT1 sail, and is designed on the concept

of real world racing combined with key foiling features.

Compared to a pure racing sail, the RS:FLIGHT has a

higher aspect ratio, shorter boom and increased foot

size to accommodate vertical rake when foiling.

The sail delivers quick and precise response instantly

allowing the rider to adjust the power by sheeting in or

out to control the flying height on the foil.

The RS:FLIGHT brings a combination of excellent

top-end speed, enhanced bottom-end power, superior

control and stability to a wide range of performance

minded sailors.

Designer’s Comment

The profile is concentrated very far forward to make sure all the

pressure is in the front hand area. This allows for acceleration in the

gusts while at the same time creates a down-force in the sail. It is

this down force that allows the rider to keep sheeted in and transfer

more pressure on the foil as the speed increases. On the upwind

course, the rider is able to tilt the board to the windward, lean

very far forward and use the power of the foil to achieve incredible

upwind angle; just on the verge where sail would stall 

Sizes 5.4 6.2 7.0 7.8 8.8