NEILPRYDE 派利奧 風帆競賽 - EVO 11 2019

HKD 12090

產品類別: 風帆 - 賽事型»

產品品牌: NEILPRYDE 派利奧

產品編號: B9SA30EVO

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RS:Racing EVOXI is our newest addition to our successful Racing Series, our Sails with the best technology, speed, power and enhanced specification, designed to propel you across new boundaries.

At NeilPryde we live and breathe innovation and we also lived up to this standard while developing the EVOXI. We added a 9.0 sail for lighter riders, we improved the boom clew for less sail interference and added a clear window for better visibility during racing, to name a few. Our EVOXI marks an evolution in our RS:Racing Series.