BIC 碧牌 风浪板 - TECHNO 185 D

HKD 10300

產品類別: 帆板 - 速度型»

產品品牌: BIC SPORT WindSurf

產品編號: ABWD02282

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Durable, Lightweight Freeride Performance

Big volume, stable, the Techno 205 D is the perfect combination for bigger sized beginner riders looking to learn and progress fast and easily. In light winds, its long length gives it excellent glide, perfect for cruising the coastline.

Generous volume, great stability and featuring a retractable daggerboard, the Techno 240 D, 205 D and 160 D are perfectly designed to give you the most helpful conditions for learning to plane, to jibe and how to ride properly in the footstraps. Highly versatile boards that will encourage the whole family learn and progress. They are made using the thermoformed composite technology ACE-TEC and is as a result much lighter than those of the competition

Key Features:

- Allround boards, fast and easy for freeride windsurfing.
- Light double concave shapes, large width : planing ability.
- Round rails on the front : easy jibes.
- Retractable daggerboard : upwind ability.
- ACE-TEC Technology : light and durable.
- High quality Select fin : guaranteed performance.

Include Product:
- 4 Ergoform footstraps 
- 1 screws and washers set
- 1 WA 30 cm fin - Deep Tuttle
- 1 daggerboard case + daggerboard 60 cm