JP 風浪板 - 高性能水翼裝備 - HYDRO FOIL ES EDITION

HKD 11590

產品類別: 水翼器材 - 風帆衝浪»


產品編號: J20WB1059

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• Goal is to make flying over the water easy, accesible, fast and fun for everyone

• HydroFoil range covers all needs for beginner or advanced up to full-on race foiling

• No matter what technology, all boards provide the latest developments and make you fly as early as



• V-angled nose beves in combination with a V-shape in the front smoothens touch downs

• Tail cut-outs reduce to drag in case of touch downs

• Short and wide designs with parallel outlines to provide a stable glide

• Flat deck shapes and ideally positioned footstraps allows you to control the board easily

• enlarged foilbox recess for big washers (35mm diameter / 2mm thick) in order to spread the

load of the rear bolt

HydroFoil 105 & 120:

• For advanced or light foil-boarders

• Very maneuverable and versatile

HydroFoil 135:

• Great all-round board with a wide range of use

• For beginners, intermediates and advanced

• Updated shape based on the latest develeopments including V-angled nose bevels, higher nose

rocker and adjusted outline

HydroFoil 150:

• Light wind weapon for big sails with excellent up- and downwind sailing

• Optimized to get going as early as possilbe with very easy handling

HydroFoil 175/190:

• Full on racing boards / still under development