JP 風浪板 - 自由滑行 - Super Lightwind GOLD 2020

HKD 23930

產品類別: 帆板 - 速度型»


產品編號: J20WB1053

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• Gets going in almost no wind and reaches top speed immediately

• Starts planing as early as Formula boards but it is much easier to jibe and ride

• Comfortable smooth and easy to sail for a performance freeride board of this size

• Great board for foiling in very light winds

• Foil approved Tuttle Finbox

Shape features

• Combines the latest Slalom, Super Sport and Formula shape details

• Compact shape with a wide nose and parallel outline providing the maximum planning


• Double concaves in the bottom under the straps create maximum lift and acceleration

• Cut out creates two outlines at the tail

1) wide outline in the deck gives you a very powerful stance to push the board to

the maximum speed

2) Narrow outline the bottom reduces the wetted surface and the amount of

pressure produced by the fin