NEILPRYDE 派利奧 風帆 風帆帆具 帆杆 - NP X-C Boom

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產品類別: 風帆配件 - 帆桿»

產品品牌: NEILPRYDE 派利奧

產品編號: BNB120132

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XC WAVE BOOM (XC 140 – 190; XC 160 – 220)

Our ultimate monocoque carbon carbon pre-preg wave boom is designed for expert riders who demand knife-like precision from their equipment. This

boom offers instantaneous control with its increased torsional rigidity and square profile tail end. Allowing zero lag time from flexing connections. Giving

the cosiest sensation you have ever felt while holding a boom.

XC RACE INTEROUTHAUL (XC 175 – 215; XC 200 – 250)

The XC Race Interouthaul, monocoque pre-preg carbon boom is a milestone in windsurf boom history. The first racing boom to ship with an integrated

Interouthaul system. Featuring an oval diameter shape which feels natural in your hands while sailing and reduces arm-pump dramatically. Sail for longer

and with less effort than ever before.

XC SLIM BOOM (XCS 140 – 190; XCS 150 – 200; XCS 175 – 210)

The XC Slim boom provides you with the ultimate direct steering experience. Thinner and lighter compared to the other carbon booms, the XC Slim is made

for riders who prefer that feeling of incredible lightweight in their hands. It features the same astonishing characteristics without noticeably compromising

on stiffness. The new size of 150-200 displays a state of the art all-round boom that satisfies the need of almost every rider